Since most of my glass collage artwork uses glass bottles in some shape or form, I am frequently asked how I remove labels.

Manufacturers use different types of adhesives to apply labels on beer bottles, wine bottles, store labels and price stickers, but I have found one method that seems to work on most of them.

My tried and true method is to fill a tub with hot tap water and a little dishwashing liquid. I then fill the tub with bottles that need to be cleaned.

Next I add a fabric softener sheet and a dishwasher detergent pod. I am not a scientist, but something about that combination makes the adhesive really slick and gooey and the labels usually just slide right off.

I usually let them soak for an hour or so. Occasionally, I need to use a straight razor (in a holder) to get the last bit of residue.

If you have a reliable method that works for you, I’d love to hear it!

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